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What is Couchsurfing?

Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. This simply means that people can request to stay with you for a night or more without paying. 


Why should you join Couchsurfing?

We joined Couchsurfing after we had been introduced to it by a client that used Couchsurfing for his travels all over Europe. 

We love meeting people from foreign countries and listen to their stories, that’s why we decided to join.

Yes, people can request to stay with you for a night or two, even more, for free. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a bucket full of money on them. They are normally self-sufficient and just need a place to sleep. Most of them even travel with a sleeping bag and only needs a place to lay down for the night. 

This is not where it ends. You get to know people from all over the globe. People from various cultures, religion, and backgrounds. People who have different outlooks on life, and people who just want to see more of the world, enjoy all that life has to offer. These people normally appreciate your company more than people you’ve been knowing all your life. They will sit with you and chat for hours on end, sharing experiences and life stories without expecting anything in return.

Most of them will request to cook you a meal, just to say thank you for your kindness to host them. This meal is normally something that they used to cook back home. 

This goes without saying that every couch surfer comes with a different story and life experiences.

Join our community at https://www.couchsurfing.com

Here are some of our experiences with couch surfers that stayed with us for a night or more. we will be sharing more stories as the time goes by since we had a few very interesting couch surfers that make life worthwhile.

Couchsurfing Experience #1

We have been part of the couch surfing fraternity for many years, and it always has been an amazing experience. There are always stories to be told, friendships to form and some kind of cooking involved.

Our first couch surfers were a group of five young people from Germany that stayed for two nights. They were on there way to Cape Town and requested to stay over to explore Kimberley before leaving for Cape Town.

They arrived in a blue Volkswagen Citi Golf which was very old. They bought this car in Johannesburg, for very cheap, for traveling around in South Africa. According to them, it was cheaper to buy this car than to rent a car, and then just sell it again before they fly back to Europe.

On arrival, I showed them where to park, and took them into our photography studio, where they can make themselves comfortable, which is also the place the five of them will be sleeping for the two days. They indicated that they are self-supporting and that we must not worry about them, they will sort out their own meals and entertainment. For the first dinner, we prepare food just so that we can be properly introduced and getting to know each other better, before they took to the streets of Kimberley, exploring. We had a nice chat with the four girls and one guy whereafter they decided to rather go to bed after a long days drive to Kimberley, and that they will be exploring Kimberley the following day. 

The next day I left for work and everybody was still enjoying a good sleep. Later that morning I received a phone call to say that I must come and assist our visitors since they have car trouble. On arrival, they told me that their car got warm when they drove to the city, and that steam came out of the bonnet. Not that I am a mechanic, I opened the bonnet and found that the radiator was shot. Water was pissing from about everywhere, and that there is no way to repair that, anyway not by me. I called a friend, who was a mechanic by the way, for assistance. He also indicated that the cheapest option is to replace the radiator. 

The five German youngsters put their money together and came up with the amount of just over R500 and gave it to the mechanic to sort out their problem. Luckily the mechanic got hold of a brand new radiator and replaced it and they were back on the road in no time. They enjoyed exploring all the museums in Kimberley and ended up back at our place for a nice shower.

They told us not to prepare food for that night since they will be going out for the night. One of them came back to us and requested that we go out with them to enjoy the nightlife of Kimberley. The nightlife of Kimberley is not our kind of thing, so I decided to call in a friend who might be interested. Ronsard is of the same age as the visitors and enjoys a night out. Later that evening Ronsard came to their rescue and took them out. They had a great night out partying with him. 

They got up kind of late the following morning, I think they were quite hung over from the previous night before they left for Cape Town.

So if you would like to enjoy the company of foreigners, why don’t you consider joining Couchsurfing at https://www.couchsurfing.com


By the way, we never heard from this group again. 


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