5 Reasons to start Travel Blogging at the age of 50 and beyond

August 17, 2018 info@thetravellingdual.com

5 Reasons to start Travel Blogging at the age of 50 and beyond

Travel Blogging

I am 50 and beyond!

I do love travelling!

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

So, now that you’re in your golden years, and love the good things in life, you think you’re to old to start a blog? Not true. I started this blog a while ago, and also thought that I was too old for this. I read a great deal of blogs from other young travellers, and loved it. Wish it could be me, writing and experiencing all those things that they blog (brag) about.

Travel blogging at Augrabies Water Falls

My family at the famous Augrabies Water Falls.

Then I thought to myself, “so why don’t you start travel blogging”.

This is the reasons why I decided that you can start your own travel blog at the age of 50 and beyond.


1. It’s Fun

If I say it’s fun, I mean real fun. You have now reached an age where you just don’t give a shit what other people say or think. This is what makes it fun. For us, there are just no rules. We can write the way we like, we can say what ever we want, we can type as many words as we which and when we want to.

This, on its own, makes it fun.You can now go sit under a tree with your laptop,  be COOL like all Millennials do these days, and write something for your Blog. This gives you a platform to voice yourself, and for friends and family to share. Who knows, sooner or later you might have a following of people that finds your stories interesting, and just want more. You will then become an inspiration for other fifty and beyond people. Isn’t live beautiful?

Since you enjoy traveling, you might as well write about it. Pour a glass of wine at sunset, pull the old laptop closer and start writing about your days travelling experiences. Add your photos and present it to the world.

You never know… You might have experienced some things during your travels, that can be helpful to other travellers, or you could share a good food experience at a unknown restaurant that other can try on their next trip.

The main thing is to have FUN!

Check out this link of a women speaking her mind, and don’t give a shit what other people say or think.

Travel Blogging in Kimberley, South Africa

War monument in Kimberley, South Africa

2. It’s an investment in your own business

It’s precisely what the heading says.

For a small amount you can get yourself an affordable host and maybe get someone to assist with the setting up of your blog, but from thereon its a smooth ride. I used PIX24 Media as my hosting company. They provide different packages at very affordable prices, and they also designed my logo and got me started by setting up my homepage.

If I say its an investment into your own business, it can have a dual meaning. Firstly, I would say that it can become a business if you want it to be. This totally depends on yourself. If you put all the effort into it, and comply to all the rules, adds all the bells and whistles, yes, its a business, but…

It can be an investment into yourself. By blogging you’ll be bringing out the best in yourself. You will be presenting yourself to the world through your written posts and photos. Your message to the world will reflect your feelings that you have experienced during that specific period of time, and your followers will connect with that emotions. You will find how your followers experienced your post in the type of comments that they leave.

Blogging is about following (meeting) fellow content creators. I stumble across this traveling couple’s blog, and found it to be an outstanding read. You can check out there blog here.


3. It keeps the creative juices flowing

The more you blog, the more you want to blog. This is very addictive to travel bloggers. Once you start writing blog posts, during your travels, you will find that you always have more to say, more stories to share, or opinions to give. It keeps the creative juices flowing…

Blogging is about doing your own thing. Yes, we constantly read other blogger’s posts or articles, but at the end you do what you want to do. As I said in the beginning, we are at the stage in our lives where we do as we want, and its acceptable.

Creativity is a thing that needs practice. The more you practice, the luckier you get… said someone.

It’s true. Creativity needs practise. The more posts you write, the easier it becomes. The more photos you take, makes you become a better photographer. By constantly producing new content for your blog, the better your articles become and it grows your confidence in yourself, making you a better blogger, post after post.

We all need some inspiration to start our blogs. When I was looking for some inspiration on the internet, I came across this website of the Young Adventuress. By reading it, I got the impression that Blogging got her creative juices flowing, as well. By reading other blogger’s post you get inspired to go and write a post, but always be yourself. You can take the inspiration, but never copy someone’s work. Do your own thing. The more you blog the easier it will become, and the more creative you will get.

Travel Blogging in Namakwaland

Quiver Trees in Namaqualand, South Africa

4. A way of sharing your wisdom

So true… Blogging at the age of 50 & beyond is definitely a way of sharing your wisdom. Who can be wiser than a grey fox? It’s always the Millennials and the Teenagers that thinks they have nothing to learn. Yes, this is their domain and time to shine, but the wisdom comes with the grey hair.

Followers wants to read stuff that carries weight. They want to read and gain knowledge. There is nobody out there that has walked the mile, that can share there life experiences with the world, better that the grey old foxes. There is an old saying that says “Been there, done that!” The younger generation can only say that, once they reach our age, and until then they are willing to learn from us.

This is the opportunity to go out and write some amazing posts, to show the younger generation that we are not afraid to walk to extra mile to share our knowledge and to encourage them to do the same.

There are a lot of us out there, that have been travelling the globe, and has been around the block a few times, that knows the does and don’ts of traveling. Your Blog is the platform to share that knowledge with the world. If you look at all the young travellers and digital nomads out there, this is what they do. They share their experiences and inform the world of their discoveries. We can do the same with our wealth of travelling knowledge we have.

I have a travel photography friend that I follow, and all that he does is sharing his travels with his followers. It’s a pleasure to read his blog and to watch his daily vlogs. Feel free to check him out. Maybe he can be an inspiration to you too.


5. Always learn new stuff

If you have a close look into our generation, the fifty’s & beyond team, we are the ones that are not afraid to tackle any challenge. If you did not know something, you were not afraid to find out. This will always be the situation. We are the curious generation, we always wants more.

This is the beauty of the digital age. Everything you need to know is available on the internet. If the curiosity kills us, we run to google and find out. We will always be keen to learn new stuff.

I was employed as an electronic engineer way before computers was a big thing in South Africa. We were scared to switch on the first computer that made its way to our office. As the time goes by we all trained ourselves in the basic use of a computer. As the years passed, computers became part of our everyday lives, and today its frowned upon if you don’t have a computer.

I took the opportunity to teach myself more about computers, so did a lot of other people. I became acquainted with the internet and in such that I taught myself to be a web designer. Many of you are comfortable with the internet and computers, some more than others, but if there is something you need to know, you resort to google. Don’t be afraid to tackle the challenge to start your own blog

Take the opportunity. Indulge yourself in the creative field of blogging. Share with others and learn from the rest. By doing just this, we will be able to make travelling fun for everyone.

See you on the next post!

Travel Blogging at Kimberley railway station

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