3 Reasons to visit Ao Nang

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3 Reasons to visit Ao Nang

Statue in Ao Nang

As we all know Thailand is known for it’s massages, tuk-tuks and suites. You will hear these words down every street and passing every shop. But that’s what makes Thailand awesome.

It gives me goosebumps just thinking of Ao Nang/Krabi. This is why I want to share my “3 Reasons to visit Ao Nang”, with you.

Ao Nang is situated in the Krabi district of Thailand, and is a must for any visitor to Thailand. Here’s my reasons why:

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Sunset over the beach in Ao Nang

1. The Beauty

Ao Nang was a small town when we first visited in 2013, and on our recent visit could see that this gem is soon becoming a luxurious travel destination. No wonder this is, cause every person want to was this beauty that lies of foot of some awesome mountains.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Mountains near Ao Nang/Krabi

On your arrival you will confess to yourself that you have made the right choice to visit Ao Nang, and you will promise yourself that you’ll be back soon. Why is this? Come and see for yourself… Ok I’ll help.

Ao Nang is just an amazing town, with the most awesome little shops and breathtaking beaches. You can walk on the beach for miles on end, not to mention the view over the ocean. Then all of a sudden you accidentally wet your feet in the ocean water, and recognise that this is where you want to spend most of time. The water is mildly hot (very nice), and the color of the ocean is the most beautiful blue that you have seen since…. I don’t know, but it’s stunning.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Ao Nang Beach

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Street shops in Ao Nang

All the Long Tail Boats that comes in and anchor and others that swap the beach for an ocean cruse, is so mesmerising. You can lay on the beach, and just watch the people enjoying their vacation by swimming, snorkelling and catching an island trip in a Long Tail Boat. If you do decide to spare a day on the beach and swap it for an Island trip, be aware that you will be stoked. The Islands off the coast of Krabi is so worth the visit.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Long Tail Boat at Ao Nang Beach

Getting back to the beauty of the town itself. You will find new high rising buildings are on the increase, and yes it does take away from the beauty of the old town, but also contributes to the beauty of the new Ao Nang. You can walk the streets of Ao Nang for miles on end and only realise that you have walked that far, when you decide to lay down for a good night rest.

2. The Food

When visiting Ao Nang/Krabi you can decide for yourself what type of food will comfort you. If you are anything like we are you will certainly go for the street food, and if you like spicy food, Ao Nang is the right place for you. Once the person at the food stall asks if you want it spicy, think again, they mean really spicy. If your are courageous and up for a challenge, eat the spicy food, it’s very good. I’ve done it a few time, and had to order an extra beer, but it’s very tasty.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Food and Beer at The Massaman Restaurant in Ao Nang

There is also no reason not to stop at one of the plenty restaurants in town. They have good variety of food on their menus at very reasonable prices.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Small Seafood Take Away Restaurant in Ao Nang

Then there is always Street Food. There is absolute no reason not to buy your next meal on the street. The food is fresh and all the locals buy from there. We made it a point to buy at least one meal per day from a street vendor because its cheap, its tasty, its spicy and they are everywhere. Look for the ones where there is a lot of people buying food. This is how you can be assured that the food is good.

The street vendors are normally open till late night. So if you were out for the night and walking back to your hotel or backpackers, there will be food available on the street.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Street Food available late at night.

3. The Experience

Ao Nang is an experience on its own. Whatever you feel like doing for the day will end up as experience.

By just merely walking through the streets and wander around in the many shops makes for a great experience. Ao Nang is still one of the few places in Thailand where you can barter for better prices at the shops.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Small shops in Ao Nang, Thailand

Be assured, you can buy almost anything from these shops. So if you have forgotten to bring something, don’t worry, just walk down the street and you will find it at a good price.

As you walk the streets, you will find locals at work, and working with their hands because they are a hardworking nation (by the looks of it). As you pass them they will always great you in a friendly manner. If there is time they will even pose for a photo or two.

Reasons to visit Ao Nang/Krabi

Construction worker in Ao Nang, Thailand

On almost every corner you will find tour operators. You can make use of them at any time. They are very efficient in the tourism industry. You will get picked up in time, have an awesome tour, and you’ll get dropped of where you got picked up. These tour operators will even stop you on the beach and sell some day tour to you. Even that is good, because you will receive what you paid for.

If you ever wandered have to get from point A to point B in Ao Nang, you are covered. Getting around in Ao Nang is one the  easiest things ever. At one point we wandered how we going to get to visit the town of Krabi. I stopped by one of the tourist kiosks and asked. The answer was simple… “just stand on the side of the road and wave down the whitish van and they will stop”. Ok thats easy! Yes thats how easy it is. The public transport goes in and out Krabi every half an hour, and they have a drop-off point in Krabi. When done in Krabi just walk back to the main street and wave down the same van.


This was what we have experienced in Ao Nang, and only our view. If you have experienced anything else, please let is know in the comments below.

For more information on Ao Nang/Krabi please visit this Site or read what Alesha & Jarryd has to say about Ao Nang.

See you next time!

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