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Lesser Flamingos at Kamfers Dam

Lesser Flamingos at Kamfers Dam

It’s been a while since anything has been posted on my blog. Travelling came to a complete halt in South Africa since the Civid-19 pandemic hit the globe.

Today was the first trip since the lockdown regulations has been relaxed a week ago. I joined a friend of mine from Cape Fox Tours & Photography to capture a moon setting over Kamfers Dam in Kimberley. This is the famous breeding spot for the “Lesser Flamingo”.

The lesser flamingo is smaller than the greater flamingo, up to 1.2 m tall, it has the same slender build as the greater flamingo. It has rich pink plumage, with a long neck and long pink legs. In flight the crimson red and black wings are highly conspicuous, these are occasionally visible when the bird is on the ground.
The bill is maroon with a black tip. The lesser flamingo has a yellow eye

The lesser flamingo feeds on microscopic blue-green algae and diatoms. When feeding the lesser flamingo can be seen with its head down or submerged in the water, using its legs to stir up the mud to release the algae and organisms, that are then filtered through the beak.

The main reason we went to this spot, was to capture the moon setting behind Kamfers Dam, with the Flamingos in the foreground. It is such a beautiful spot that you will catch yourself holding your camera, but not taking a picture, just staring at the beauty.

As the moon get lower to the horizon, we started to take some photos, since it normally disappears before resting on the horizon completely.

The colours in the sky are so phenomenal as the sun starts rising behind us. The Flamingos were calm and just feeding on the algae in the water. As the minutes goes by, the light changes with the sun rising and the moon setting. With the dam filled to its maximum, all the Flamingos has moved back and there are about forty thousand of them floating around.

Whenever you think of visiting Kimberley, South Africa, this is one of the places to visit. Bring your camera and a long lens, and you will be entertained by a colony of Lesser Flamingos. It is the perfect place to capture a  sunset over Kamfers Dam.

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