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Hi, we are Dirk, Riana and Phillanie, the + One, and Welcome to The Travelling Dual

-: We are avid Travel Photographers who tells stories through our photography :-


During 2013 we decided to make that long awaiting trip into the world. The destination was unknown at first. We couldn’t make up our minds between Ireland and the East. Noticing the depreciation in our currency at the time the decision was made. Thailand it is!

The trip was completely booked by a travel agency, since it was our first trip abroud and did not know what to do or expect. The bookings were done and all payments made, so it was a matter of time, waiting and wondering how this will evolve.

Getting on the plane in Kimberley changed our lives for ever. We travelled to Thailand on a set itinerary and would have loved a bit flexibility.

That said, we booked our second trip to South East Asia all by ourselves, allowing the flexibility that we were looking for during the trip in 2013.

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