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Hi. Welcome to The Travelling Dual. We are Dirk & Riana and Phillanie, the + One.

"We travel because it make us realize how much we haven't seen, how much we're not going to see, and how much we still need to see"

At first it was just me and my wife and during our lastest tour Phillanie decided to join us for four months on the road, hence the + One. Just to set the record straight, we are not Nomads. Would love to be one day, but we are running a successful photography studio in Kimberley, South Africa.

Our travels started back in 2013, when we first decided to leave the country for our first trip abroad. As total newbies to travel we resorted to a travel agency for a complete return package to Thailand. We paid the fee and everything was sorted out. On our return we made a decision that we will not make use of travel agents for all inclusive packages again. It was for this one reason and only reason… flexibility!!!

We wanted to decide where and how long we want to spend at a destination, and pre booked packages does not have that flexibility.

So during our second trip abroad, we planned and booked everything ourselves and hoped that we haven’t forgot something or got something wrong. Then we came to the conclusion that we can cancel and re book as we like and as it fits us. On our return we were more satisfied with what we have accomplished and the way the trip fitted our travel style, that we would be doing it again.

Then came the ultimate trip of four months in South East Asia, and Phillanie decided to join us for this one. Planning and budgeting started months in advance, and we have to take our + One into consideration, since see was only 13 years old.

It went well, not without hick-ups though, but overall a fantastic trip. COVID-19 formed part of the trip as the outbreak started in China by the time we were in mid Vietnam. We just had to live with the fact that we need to stay save, but still enjoy whatever happens during the trip. We moved more towards the south (Bali) to escape the virus in the short term. 

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