An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-thirteenth Century Turkish by Gerard Clauson

By Gerard Clauson

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Of -&I$. g. blqguq; rare; also a Den. Suff. g. t u t m a q ; rare. s, and Conc. s which are usually Active; rare. g. s, etc. ; very rare and obsolescent. xliv SUFFIXES - g / - ~ g / - j g / - u g / - i i g the commonest Dev. Suff. ; forms a wide range of Dev. ; see K q . 126-7. - q ~ s / - c i gforms Intrans. and Pass. s; attached only to Refl. s in -Ei, fr. Simulative V s in -sI:-14:- fr. Dev. s in -G. -k (after vowels and -r-)/-ak/-ek/-~k/-ik of these -k is rather common, the rest rather rare.

Ing on local circumstances. In some literary Bud. ) yolug u k a r l a r texts it also has the same metaph. meanings 'they do not know [the way and direction], nor as Ar. g. 'celestial mansion'. 1. 0. Srrv. 528, 2-3; Tif. development e w > iiw > iiwi > iiy; uy, 48a. 3 ; USp. 102, 33-9; in a long list in T T less often By, is the normal form in all modem VZI 40. or lay sister' the words a p nyagllg a p undergone further distortions, and SW where ... ... e v still survit-es, as it & ~ c ssporndicnlly clscwhere.

Tum11:-. -M:-14:- forms Simulative Den. g. a p g s l : - ; very rare in the basic f. 1282; also a Dev. Suff. S arc usually Intrans. g. k6ze:d-; as in the Perf. the -g- merged with the Suff. s W, final -t- but it is unlikely that this was the pronunciation except in the I'erf. -id-) the nature of this Suff. in togit- and terit- is obscure. , V s ; see Kaf. 1 2 0 ; 11118,165; rather common. -1- forms Intrans. g. tusui-; very rare; also a Dev. Suff. -sm-/-sin- the Refl. f. of -sl:-l&:- forming Intrans.

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