An Eleventh-century Buddhist Logic of 'Exists': Ratnakirti's by A. C. Senape McDermott

By A. C. Senape McDermott

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Amasmiibhil). e pratipiiditamiti tat eviivadhiiryam. amapek�ate . na tu kiiryotpattihetul).. ikasy api kramavat sahakarinaniitvadapi kramavatkiiryaniinatvamiti eet. 8) bhavatu tavat nijiigantukabhedena dvividhal1l siimarthyam. al1l sadyal). kriyiidharmakamavasyiibhy­ upagantavyam. tadyadi priigapi, priigapi kiiryaprasangal).. atha paseiideva, na tada sthiro bhiival).. (84. o 'pek�ata iti yuktam, tasyiisattviit. he­ tusea sannapi yadi svakiiryal1l na karoti, tadii tatkaryameva tanna syiit. svatantryiit.

1 5) The forego ing o bjec ti o n established by 17 8 means 18 0 182 183 18 4 18 5 18 6 18 7 188 is u nfo u n de d , since nonperception elsewhere 1 88 is etatprakiirodvayaparihdreM. 17. vikaipatraye. 28). vyatirekasya. abhiivab. hani. hetuvyatirekasya. ekavyiipariitmakatvad. buddhi. 2). anyatra. [our proof's b ein g] tant am o unt to the E N G L I S H T R A N S L AT I O N 45 apprehension of a substratum. l89 In the example involving a tree, the non­ perception of a tree is the apprehension of a substratum - a mere place.

But, since no pervader is perceived, how can there be proof of the invariable concomitance 25 of a real entity with its own probandum 26, since just such [a proof] would contain many faults and hence be defective ? [Not an Indirect Proof. ] For, it is surely not an indirect proof27 since : (i) there is proof by a pramdlJa only if there is a substratum for the pro­ bandum 28 ; (ii) there is no establishment of agreement with the opponent, and (iii) there is no conclusion of the contradictory position.

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