An Artist's Guide to Living by Your Brush Alone by Edna Wagner Piersol

By Edna Wagner Piersol

Cincinnati: North mild Publishers, 1983. high-quality alternate paperback, appears to be like unread, no markings, writer

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Look at this design upside down, then sideways. What comes out? What could you turn it into? If you don't feel that the design is good, don't try to correct it. Do another. If you have gone out of the boundaries, try to stay more contained the next time. Concentrate harder on your rectangular space with your eyes closed. If you open your eyes while squiggling, you destroy the communication that you have set up with your subconscious. 40 An example of some of my time and to blind squiggJes, a creative way to start productive painting have designs for the future.

You don't need kibitzers who are time wasters. You must be hardhearted. People always want to know what an artist is doing. They 33 think that because you work at home, you can be bothered at any time. and relatives may take to dropping into your studio for coffee. It will happen without you realizing it. There have been times in my life when I didn't seem to be getting anything done and I didn't know why. Then I took a good look over the past week. " If I had worked at a nine-to-five job as a decorator, she would never have presumed to ask; but worse, I, like a fool, had gone.

It is my stuhas been dio in a box. I'm not one for being encumbered with a never envied the If that's what you almost have it in artists like, my lot of possessions. I've with huge studios and gigantic equipment. though, it can't hurt. apartment, my light I do like north light and I streaming in from north- northwest through the balcony window. The light has to travel my dining room before reaching the kitchen, so sometimes move my work into the dining area. The kitchen/studio is not overly through large, so I some other equipment is stored and used in a bedroom.

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