Among the Dolls by William Sleator

By William Sleator

A dismal awakening . . .

When her mom and dad supply her a depressing previous dollhouse for her birthday rather than the 10 pace motorcycle she's anticipating, Vicky is dissatisfied. yet she quickly turns into enthusiastic about the small shadowy international and its population. The hours she spends fidgeting with the dolls is an efficient approach to break out from her parents's arguments. As Vicky's existence turns into extra , she begins to take out her frustration at the dolls, making their lives as unsatisfied as hers.

Then at some point, Vicky wakes up contained in the dollhouse, trapped one of the monsters she's created. Bewildered, Vicky is bound she's dreaming. Can she locate her manner out of this nightmare global?

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A wave of black spiders immediately swept over her, securing the cocoon tightly to the walls and the metal girders that buttressed the house. From her new vantage point, she could look down over the room to where Areop-Enap squatted in the middle of the floor. Perenelle realized that the dark carpet beneath the Elder was a mass of thousands—maybe even millions—of spiders. The floor rippled and pulsed under Areop-Enap, which was facing north, toward Angel Island, now lost in early-morning mist. Shifting in the cocoon, Perenelle strained to look in the same direction.

A shape moved behind one of the spaces and vanished. “Over the years we’ve built up the cars like the walls of a castle,” Palamedes continued. “The medieval castle builders knew a lot about defense, and de Vauban brought all that knowledge together to create the strongest defenses in the world. Then we took the best of all styles. There are mottes and baileys, outer wards and an inner ward, a barbican, towers and keeps. ” His huge hand moved toward the wrecked cars. ” The car vibrated as it ran onto metal.

It looked like a cross between an Irish wolfhound and a Borzoi, a Russian wolfhound. It raced past the taxi, right up to the gates of the car yard, then padded back and forth, sniffing the ground. “Flamel’s arrival has stirred up many ancient things,” Palamedes continued, watching the dog intently. “I saw creatures today I thought had left this earth entirely, monsters that gave birth to humani’s darkest legends. You should also know that Dee has posted a huge bounty on your heads. My spies tell me he wants you and your sister taken alive.

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