Advances in shrimp aquaculture management by Sascha W. Felix

By Sascha W. Felix

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Suggested platform top sizes for ponds of different sizes are: Table 5: Pond Size Vs. Platform Size Pond Area (m2) Platform Top Dimensions (m) 1000 0. 85 × 0. 85 2000 1. 25 × 1. 25 3000 1. 50 × 1. 50 4000 1. 70 × 1. 70 5000 1. 90 × 1. 90 6000 2. 10 × 2. 10 7000 2. 25 × 2. 25 The fertilizer to be applied is simply piled onto the platform and left alone. Recommendations for Managing Natural Food Organisms in Shrimp Ponds (a) Start with phytoplankton or “lab-lab“ for no more than the first two months after post larvae are stocked.

Best growth rates have been obtained in P. japonicus fed with 200 ppm astaxanthin. However, use of astaxanthin in feed is restricted owing to its price. Trace Minerals In iron-deficient shrimps, antibody production and NK cell activity are severely impaired. Recently, the iron binding proteins transferring, lactoferrin and ferritin have been shown to affect immuno-regulatory properties. It is suggested that transferring binds circulating iron making it unavailable to the invading organism, hence overloading serum with iron may overwhelm the iron binding ability and increase susceptibility of the host.

After the post-larvae are added to the tank, the water in the tank is gradually adjusted to pond salinity and temperature. The period of adjustment depends on how much the temperature and salinity need to be changed, but usually a period of 12 hours would be sufficient. The fry should not be released into a nursery pond during hot hours of the day. Evening hours would be best suited for this job. The PL can be stocked at fairly high densities in nursery ponds, up to 25 per square metre, or 2,50,000 per hectare.

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