Abigail (People of the Promise, No 7) by James R. Shott

By James R. Shott

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It had been done. But that could happen only if nobody wanted her. That was unlikely. She was young and desirable to any lusty man. More than that, she was rich. Marrying her would mean acquiring Kenaz's vast estate. She stifled a sigh. Her future was not in her hands. Someone like Jehallelel or another relative would tell hernot ask herwhat she must do. " The voice spoke just behind her. A male voice. She frowned. Nobody should speak now. That was improper, disrespectful. Should she ignore it?

She spun around, dropping a raisin cake on the courtyard ground. He stood in the doorway, hair and beard immaculately groomed, smiling, fully dressed, "like a bridegroom emerging from his chamber," as the ancient psalm said. She caught her breath.  . magnificent! He was shining as brightly as the sun, emerging from the colorful sunrise in the east, ready to run its course through the heavens! She smiled, feeling a surge of energy and love swelling in her body. She faced a new day with this brilliant sun, and she would run the course with him!

One seemed to be the leader. He was squat, curly-haired, and bearded, with bushy black eyebrows. "David," he spoke boldly in guttural tones. " David had turned to look up at the man on the ridge. " The man called Joab stepped aside to let the newcomer approach. Page 22 Abigail gasped. It was Hezro, her servant! The young man walked confidently forward. " "Greetings to you, Hezro of Carmel. " Before the young servant could reply, Abigail spoke. " Hezro stopped and turned toward his mistress. The grin faded from his face.

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