A Pocket Handbook for the Commodore 64 by Peter Gerrard

By Peter Gerrard

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Cycles 24 2C 2 3 3 4 BMI Branch on Result Minus Operation : Branch on N = 1 NZCIDV Addressing Mode Relat ive Assembly language Form BMI aa OP CODE No. Bytes No. Cycles 30 2 2* • Add 1 If branch occurs to same page. Add 2 if branch occurs to different page. : AIM 65 will accept an absolute address as the operand (instruction format 8M1 aaaa), and convert it to a relative address. 57 BNE Branch on Result Not Equal to Zero Operation: Branch on Z = 0 NZCIDV Addressing Mode Rel ati ve Assembly language Form BNE aa OP CODE No .

Track 38, Sector 03. Track and sector of first directory block. Indicates 8050. NULL flag. Lowest track number. Highest track number plus 1. Number of unused block on track 51. Bit map of available blocks on track 51. 5 bytes each for BAM of tracks 52-77. Not used. DEFINITION w ..... 0-1 2-31 34-63 66-95 98-127 130-159 162-191 194-223 226-255 BYTE Track and sector of next directory block. File entry £1. File entry £2. File entry £3. File entry £4. File entry £5. File entry £6. File entry £7. File entry £8.

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