A Guide to Analog Asics by Paul M. Brown Jr.

By Paul M. Brown Jr.

Program particular built-in circuits (ASICs), either analog and electronic, became common method point bulding blocks. ASIC owners have tried to supply instruments that they desire will let fairly green IC designers (i.e. structures engineers) to layout refined customized built-in circuits. This philosophy has been extra winning in electronic expertise than in analog. considerably extra paintings is concerned with analog layout and much fewer automatic instruments can be found. nearly each analog ASIC seller deals diverse semiconductor applied sciences, instrument units, documentation (usually missing intimately and never delivering the right kind historical past and guidelines), and ranging degrees of engineering aid. the result's that many engineers who may perhaps use analog ASICs lack the technical info to take action. they aren't convinced whilst customized analog ICs are reasonably priced or which seller will top serve their wishes. additionally, many engineers should not have enough analog layout adventure, particularly with built-in circuits. Consqeuently, many that may benefit from analog ASIC know-how don't use it whereas others have undesirable reviews that may have simply been shunned.

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K and q are constants. 2. I is a function of the dopants, their relative concentrations, and geometric characteristics of the junction. 3. The forward voltage drop φ is directly proportional to absolute temperature. s These characteristics can be used to perform an amazing array of precision analog functions. Examples will be presented in Chapter 5. Junction Breakdown A reverse-biased pn junction will exhibit a small current flow due to minority carrier holes and electrons that are accelerated across the de­ pletion region by the electric field (there could also be leakage contrib­ uted by ionic contamination on the surface of the wafer).

Integrated Circuit Components 48 difficult to achieve with a discrete design and requires the matching and thermal tracking inherent in an integrated environment. The non­ linear characteristics are very useful for multipliers, modulators, and other translinear functions. These design techniques typically require a relatively large number of transistors to implement in an integrated design. The levels of performance and more complex designs required by modern applications have put increasing emphasis on computer simulation.

The npn transistor f ranges from 300 MHz to over 1 GHz, depending on process and manufacturer, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. There are many ways to both suppress and exploit the inherent nonlinear characteristics of bipolar transistors. Nonlinearities are typi­ cally reduced through the use of gain and feedback or cancellation with a complementing nonlinearity. The cancellation approach is extremely t 3. Integrated Circuit Components 48 difficult to achieve with a discrete design and requires the matching and thermal tracking inherent in an integrated environment.

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