A Grant of Arms (The Sorcerer's Ring, Book 8) by Morgan Rice

By Morgan Rice

In A provide OF hands (Book #8 within the Sorcerer's Ring), Thor is stuck among massive forces of fine and evil, as Andronicus and Rafi use all in their darkish sorcery to try to overwhelm Thor's id and take regulate of his very soul. lower than their spell, Thor should conflict a better struggle than he has ever recognized, as he struggles to put off his father and loose himself from their chains. however it may well already be too late.

Gwendolyn, with Alistair, Steffen and Aberthol, ventures deep into the Netherworld, on her quest to discover Argon and unfastened him from his magical capture. She sees him because the in basic terms desire to save lots of Thor and to save lots of the hoop, however the Netherworld is large and treacherous, or even discovering Argon could be a misplaced cause.

Reece leads the Legion contributors as they embark on a near-impossible quest to do what hasn't ever been performed ahead of: to descend into the depths of the Canyon and locate and retrieve the misplaced Sword. As they descend, they input one other international, jam-packed with monsters and unique races—all of them bent on retaining the Sword for his or her personal purposes.

Romulus, armed together with his magical cloak, proceeds along with his sinister plan to pass into the hoop and spoil the safeguard; Kendrick, Erec, Bronson and Godfrey struggle to unfastened themselves from their betrayal; Tirus and Luanda examine what it potential to be traitors and to serve Andronicus; Mycoples struggles to damage unfastened; and in a last, stunning twist, Alistair's key's ultimately revealed.

Will Thor go back to himself? Will Gwendolyn locate Argon? Will Reece locate the Sword? Will Romulus reach his plan? Will Kendrick, Erec, Bronson and Godfrey achieve the face of overwhelming odds? and should Mycoples go back? Or will the hoop fall into entire and ultimate destruction?

With its refined world-building and characterization, A provide OF hands is an epic story of acquaintances and fans, of opponents and suitors, of knights and dragons, of intrigues and political machinations, of coming of age, of damaged hearts, of deception, ambition and betrayal. it's a story of honour and braveness, of destiny and future, of sorcery. it's a myth that brings us right into a international we are going to always remember, and as a way to attract every age and genders.

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