A grammar of the Irish language by P W Joyce

By P W Joyce

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A Grammar of Old Irish

Even supposing the publication was once basically meant for philologists--its goal being, within the author's phrases, 'to make outdated Irish available to these conversant in the comparative grammar of the Indo-European languages'--it has been for greater than a iteration the normal paintings for all who've made previous Irish their distinct examine.

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Some nouns are irregular that is, they are 1. not inflected in accordance with any of the re; gular declensions. 2. The most important of the irregular nouns are :* bean, a woman b6, a cow bpu, a womb — ; ; ; * For additional examples of declensions of noune, both book. regular and irregular, see Appendix at the end of tbo CHAP. THE NOUN. II. I 29 caopa, a sheep; ceo, a fog; cn<5, a hut; cti, a hound tha, God Id, a day nif, a month o or ua, a grandson. They are declined as follows. ) bean, a woman, fern.

Uppain. 6. To this declension belong the proper names Glba, 6ipe, Ireland; gen. 6ipecmn, dat. 6ipinn : Scotland; Munster; gen. TTlurrian, veral others of less note. dat. TDuriiain lTluTiia, : ; and se- is an example of the genitive nom. cap a gen. capab dat. capaib nom. Cap a, a friend, 7. in b Glbcun Glban, dat. , : ; ; ; plur. cdipbe. * 8. There is tion of the cases of IRREGULAR DECLENSION. Some nouns are irregular that is, they are 1. not inflected in accordance with any of the re; gular declensions.

Na b6 Ouibe. Dat. bo'n m-bum buib. Voc. a b6 bub. III. the little lark, fern. na puipeoga beaga. na b-puipe65 m-beag. 6'na puipeogaib beaga. a puipedga beaga. dpb, the high Noui. an Gen. 35 hill, masc. Noui. na cnuic dpba. Gen. na 5-cnoc n-dpb. Dat. 6'na cnocaib dpoa. Voc. a cnoca dpoa. the black cow, fern. Nom. na bd buba. Gen. na m-bd n-bub. Dat. Co na bdaib bubo. Voc. a ba buba. COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES. 1. Irish, adjectives have three degrees of comparison, the same as English adjectives. 2.

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