A first book in logic by Henry Bradford Smith

By Henry Bradford Smith

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2, < t y p e definition> - - > < t y p e identifier> - - > 4 4, A record type defines a composite value consisting of named components which may be of different types. Each component is introduced by an appearance of its identifier in a component list. Distinct components must have distinct identifiers. A record type can be used for defining a structure of a variable or of a value as well. All components appearing in one component list terminated by a type definition are of a specified type. An identifier occurrence in a component list is its defining occurrence.

The reference constant n o n e denotes the undefined reference. No object can be referred to by this reference. 3). The default type of the reference literal n o n e is the set of all reference values. This type however m a y not be used directly in the program. The relations = (equal) and =/= (unequal) are defined between two reference values of any type. The reference values R1 and R2 satisfy R I = R 2 if[ both are n o n e or both refer the same object (adjustable array), otherwise they satisfy R I = / = R 2 .

A repeated aggregate element is equivalent to the sequence of values specified by the value of the single aggregate element repeated a number of times. In such a case the static expression appearing after a colon must specify a positive integer constant c, and then the number of repetitions is equal to c. If the type of a constant is a composite type, then an aggregate must define all components of the constant and each aggregate element must be consistent with the type of the corresponding component.

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