30 Minutes to Market Yourself (30 Minutes) by Tony Atherton

By Tony Atherton

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Usually it is better to ask for information or advice than for action. If they want to take action, let them volunteer. With your manager, you do the volunteering. Scatter-gun approach Your scatter-gun targets will be less well defined. Your objective is to reach people you have never met, mainly outside the company but not exclusively, people outside your circle. Your aim is to get your name known in your profession or industry. There are various ways to do this. For example, you could make a presentation at a conference or simply attend a conference and meet people during the coffee and lunch breaks – this is a very common and successful way of meeting new people from within your profession.

There is to be a new project team; should I apply? I have a new boss; what should I do? There is a major reorganization coming; how should I react? 35 37 30 Minutes . . 1. Example of SWOT analysis: my company has just been taken over Strengths Weaknesses I am well thought of in this All my experience is with this department one company I am working on a long-term project I know very little about the new company That project is profitable I have never led a full project I am adaptable and flexible (hidden I struggle with the financial side strength) (hidden weakness) I have a new project management certificate Opportunities Threats New merged company is bigger There will be some redundancies We are expanding abroad They are already strong in my area Our new owner specializes in The customer for my current projects work does not like the take-over There will be new work groups If they move our offices to formed theirs, it is 50 miles away and I hate commuting There is a shortage of my skills outside Use the SWOT analysis as a general-purpose tool to attack any problem.

Fourth, look out for escalators. If you have been involved in one challenging project you will want another one. Get into the newer and expanding areas of your company and get out of the older, shrinking areas. All companies have both; it's up to you to choose. Again, volunteering is the way. If you are given a task that is an old cabbage this time, complete it with a smile while trying to get a promise of a peach next time. Fifth, to use a horrible word – network. In plain language, keep in touch with people, especially those who may be able to help you through advice and information – your sniper targets.

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