2011 CFA Program Curriculum: Level 2, Volume 6 by CFA Institute

By CFA Institute

The CFA application point II Curriculum is geared up into numerous examine classes to aid applicants navigate the cloth. every one research consultation contains assigned readings (drawn from textbook chapters, expert magazine articles, CFA Program-commissioned content material, situations, and learn analyst reports); studying end result statements; and challenge units that reveal sensible program and make stronger knowing of the recommendations awarded within the readings. For comfort, the assigned readings are assembled into a number of self-contained volumes. CFA has: * Sequenced the readings in conformity with the examine classes * Reprinted the pertinent studying consequence statements prior to each one studying * extra examine assets, resembling a more robust define, a complete index, and a unified word list * published the curriculum in two-color structure to counterpoint the appearance and readability of the indicates, tables, and required as opposed to non-compulsory remedies

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