100 Computer Games to Play Before You Die by Steve Bowden

By Steve Bowden

This can be a must-have booklet for any computing device fanatic whether or not they are younger or outdated. overlaying the a hundred most sensible video games ever to be made out of Pac-Man Vs and Pokemon Red/Blue to Grand robbery automobile: Vice urban and Worms - be sure you've no longer ignored out any of the cult classics. With specific descriptions of every video game, the layout technique at the back of them and the secrets and techniques that lie inside of, this publication will re-light video games out of your early life in addition to introducing you to formerly un-played video games.

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However, understanding how UIViewControllers and their views work together will make life easier in Chapter 3, where we explore a game’s application life cycle. CHAPTER 2: Setting up Your Game Project 21 Using the RockPaperScissorsView from Chapter 1, let’s take a look at how this functionality would appear iff it were implemented as a UIViewController. h. Listing 2-3. h @interface RockPaperScissorsController : UIViewController { UIView* buttonView; UIButton* rockButton; UIButton* paperButton; UIButton* scissersButton; UIView* resultView; UILabel* resultLabel; UIButton* continueButton; BOOL isSetup; } -(void)setup:(CGSize)size; -(void)userSelected:(id)sender; -(void)continueGame:(id)sender; -(NSString*)getLostTo:(NSString*)selection; -(NSString*)getWonTo:(NSString*)selection; @end In Listing 2-3, we see the class RockPaperScissorsController extends UIViewController.

In fact, I have never had any reason to modify this function because iOS provides a concise place to start adding your startup code. The best place to start adding initialization code is the task application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: found in the implementation file of your app delegate class. In this example, the app delegate class is called AppDelegate. m. Listing 2-2. window = [[[UIWindow alloc] initWithFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]] autorelease]; // Override point for customization after application launch.

IPhone’s XIB file partially ly configured 30 CHAPTER 2: Setting up Your Game Project In Figure 2-14, we see the XIB file with an additional UIView objects added. To add a new component, you simply drag it from the lower right box, either to the Objects list or directly onto the scene in the middle. In this case, we added two UIView objects named Landscape and Portrait as siblings to the UIView named View (A (A). Collectively, we will refer to these two UIView objects as the orientation views. On each of these new UIView objects we added a UILabel by dragging it from the library at the lower right into the visual representation in the middle of the screen (B).

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